Friday, December 08, 2006

God's Infinite Humor and Blessing

Check this out:

A couple months ago my water heater flooded everything so it had to be replaced. KA-CHING! In the process, the recirc pump was damaged beyond repair (or may have been before. who knows?) It doesn't matter. The HVAC was on its last legs anyway.

The recirc was part of the gas heat I forgot I had. I mis-remembered that everything was electric. I went to turn on the heat a couple weeks ago and, without the recirc, I had no heat. Surprise!

To retrofit the HVAC system to make it work gas/electric again would cost twice as much as going all electric. So, I bought a new system. KA-CHING! KA-CHING!

Fortunately, my contract with the company covered some of it, but it was also coincidentally contract renewal time which I had planned to do anyway. KA-CHING!

i had an eye exam. The corrections I needed 18 months ago were no longer necessary. A previous medication had made my vision whack out a bit. I need new lenses. KA-CHING!

God makes many jokes, ja?

On the other hand, here are the blessings:

My water heater is guaranteed for another 10 years.

I no longer worry every day that my HVAC is going to die on me.

I'm no longer startled awake by the noise at night when the air kicks in

The electronic air cleaner already has improved the air quality in my home.

The electric savings should be significant

My contract with the company worked well for me

Wise credit-use over the years gave me great financing from my credit-card company

I can go without glasses while driving and on any dates I should ever have in future (except those that may require close reading or computer work)

I can feel pretty again without said glasses

Money is only money. A sense of humor is a joy forever

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