Wednesday, January 24, 2007

2.0 endeca and our new OPAC

MPOW has not yet sorted out the blogging do's and don'ts so we do not blog on work time. We don't have a blog. We can, however, blog all we want on our own time.


MPOW just brought up its new 2.0-like interface to its catalog. I love it. I'm waiting to see what others think. In interacting with users, I've found that this interface is easily understood by the users. We *could* be on to something here!


Anonymous said...

Neato! Anecdotally I heard some kudos from people who had taken a quick look at it. I like the freshness of the interface. One squib: the page appears to be constrained by pixels and some of the design slopped over on my screen.

Booktender said...

Thank you! I don't know much about pixel constraints but I'll pass along the info.