Wednesday, February 28, 2007

Interesting stuff for the new 2.0 Reader’s Advisory/Librarian/Bookjunkie world

and yes, someday I’ll find a way cool title for this kind of post

And they said librarianship was a safe career. Consider yourself warned.
Shelving Units Attempt to Kill Gavin Grant, Are Unsuccessful

Philip Roth wins a third PEN/Faulkner - Kudos Mr. Roth! This is a first for the award.

The best place for finding what the big presses are both publishing and promoting: Buzz Girl

SF Site's Best SF and Fantasy Books of 2006 (Editors' Choice)

Westerns - It’s good to know they do circulate A La L’Amour

Congratulations to Sharon Stone on her Razzie! 'Instinct 2' named worst in 2006

She put it so well I’ll just post her post: (from LibrarianInBlack)

EconoFix: auto repair site
By Sarah Houghton-Jan
EconoFix is an auto repair site created by an auto repair store in Florida, Econo Mechanix. Their website, however, has some excellent free articles on common repair issues like how your car works, "car killers," engines, tires, transmission--almost anything you can think of.
My favorite part is the Noise Library, where short .wav files of problems help you diagnose the weird sounds you're hearing in your own car. You can even record the noise your car is making, e-mail it to the site owners, and they'll try to help diagnose it then post it on the site for others to listen to for help. How cool is that?

A big Woo-Hoo! to the Maricopa Library District for its new position: Maricopa County Library Seeks Virtual Branch Manager

Words of encouragement for those of us on the front line: How to Deal with Abusive Customers

Have Effective Meetings It’s so simple and yet we just can’t handle it.

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I was eating lunch with my mother and noticed 3 grown men with toddlers having lunch with the kids. I wondered the same thing. It was unexpected but good to see.