Wednesday, April 25, 2007

Reader's Advisory Plus

Here are some things I’ve found using my newsreader to receive newsfeeds. These feeds are right up a librarian’s alley! Some items give information that can be used directly for Reader’s Advisory. Others help a librarian stay informed.

Free Government Information (FGI) blogs
Besides fighting the good fight to keep access to government information free, this blog often has some links to great resources such as

SF Signal
This is only one of the newsfeeds I use to keep myself caught up on SF. And sometimes I get cool links to retro sites like these pictures of
Hovercrafts from 1960

SF Signal has also given me ideas for Reader’s Advisory outreach. Current Hot idea? Reader Challenge #6 - The Harry Potter Outreach Program

And finally, books that won both the Hugo and Nebula Awards

Tame The Web: Libraries and Technology
By Michael Stephens is a Libraryland “must skim” It gives a god overview of what’s happening right now. Particularly interesting this week was a summary of Pew Report on Wikipedia and Reference Sites.

Stephens notes that is a frequently used web resource. I join him in wondering how many librarians monitor and answer questions there. Do we identify ourselves? How? I’ve contributed to this resource and find it useful not only in keeping my reference skills up to date but also as a way to take the pulse of the online crowd.

Michael Stephens is also an LIS instructor. Michael Stephens is also an LIS instructor. I found the summary of things his students want to take into their careers, Book Discussion: Traits for the 21st century Librarian , to be thought provoking


Unknown said...

What does Mr. Trout view as his favorite blog? :)

Booktender said...

He's still stuck looking at the hovercraft page. It has been weeks now.