Friday, May 25, 2007

Librarianship: The Profession

lolbrarians provides us with a much-needed grin. Loosen up people! (I am not responsible for language or offensiveness of the site. I’m just sayin’ we all have really great senses of humor and we ought to show them.)

LibrarianInBlack once again comes up with the goods. At last someone has figured out how to Create a more lighthearted 404 message

I wish the Better Know Your Association quiz was around when I was in Library School at the University of Iowa. They told us on the first day of the program that we needed to memorize the acronyms and fun facts about the association because we’d be asked about them in our oral comps. Did any of us remember? Only the guy with the highest GPA. …

And don’t let anyone tell you we don’t like the classics: Conan The Librarian

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