Monday, June 18, 2007

Triangle by Katherine Weber

For this musician and history lover this book was ideal. The Triangle Shirtwaist Factory fire has always stuck in my mind not only because of its tragedy but for its place in industrialization, labor history, and women's history. This book takes those threads and interweaves them with genetics and music and ends up creating family and community.

Rest assured that protein-strands as music and mathematical concepts as form are explored thoroughly here. And it is done in a way that is neither dull nor didactic. The ending combines those concepts and family and secrets in a musical composition that is presented effectively in words.

It sounds heavy. It isn't. It's a fast and fascinating read. The interconnectivity of each person, each family, and each community is explored, dissected, and arranged for a satisfying end.

What I'm Reading Next:
I've not read much Urban Lit so it's time. I have an RA copy of Dirty Game by Shannon Holmes. I'm looking forward to seeing how this type of literature has increased the diversity of my clientele and seek clues about how to continue to make these new users comfortable in the library.

What I'm Listening to:
Still have Cornwell in the car

What I'm Watching:
Hell's Kitchen. I don't know why. I just like it

Musical Motif du jour:
This continues to be Randall Thompson's "Alleluia." Why? Because it's something I can almost sing from memory even though I haven't sung it in 20 years. Because I sang it at school choir and at church choir. Because Dad always chuckled when he got my old church choir copy which was copiously annotated. I had to separate the way my HS director directed the piece from how our church choir directed the piece. My notations are very Booktender-specific. And because Dad has stage 4 cancer just now and we are heading to a finale. There are worse musical motifs to be stuck on.

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