Wednesday, June 13, 2007

What I'm Reading Now

Reading: Triangle: A Novel
Almost a beach read but slightly heavier. Perhaps a rainy-day beach read. I'm not far into it yet. The descriptions of character's thoughts and emotions seem good. The use of mathematics and music is thought-provoking. I'm interested to see how this ends up.

Listening: The Last Kingdom by Bernard Cornwell. Not even through the first disk yet. Could be good driving words. Cornwell does a lot of research so that may be useful in keeping my interest.

Added to the TBR list:
Blood Brothers and High Noon By Roberts, Nora

Force of Nature By Brockmann, Suzanne

(The Roberts and Brockmann titles are too new to have descriptions yet)

INNOCENT AS SIN By Lowell, Elizabeth

The Execution Channel By MacLeod, Ken

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