Monday, July 30, 2007

Great resource!

For those of you reading this because you just know I'm a librarian and have the inside scoop on what's coming out and what's good I have news.

First off - I totally have you fooled! If it isn't the latest romance or bestseller in the genre in which I usually read, or if it hasn't been drummed into my consciousness by repeated advertisements and glowing reviews (Joe Hill's Heart-Shaped Box), I am just not going to remember it.

Second - There is a better alternative!!!!

Buzz Girl advertises herself as "A publishing insider [who] gets the skinny on tomorrow's bestsellers." She gives the highlights of new publications coming out from the major houses. Not the midlist, not many new authors, just the highlights. Very useful for my profession and quite possibly useful for your reading pleasure.

But please, all three of you, please continue to read. I need to feel important.


zirelda said...

I enjoy reading what you write. An all time fan. You are very important.

Booktender said...

Fear not, one good website isn't gonna stop me from shooting off my mouth, no sir!