Monday, August 27, 2007

Booktender's Six Handy Steps #1, Part 2

See What Needs to be Done

Now you've been working through seeing what's up in your life. You're looking at how career and "real life" intersect and diverge. Now it is time to embrace it.

"If you are poor, you first must accept you are poor." I wish I could remember who said it. It could have been Mother Theresa, it could have been Oprah, heck, it could have been me on a good day. Either way, you must accept where you are. Stop the "shoulds," and erase the word "but" from your language, set aside frustration and anger for a few minutes.

Just Be.
Be the person with a new car
Be the person whose kid is on the honor roll
Be the person whose brother-in-law is an alcoholic
Be the person who just had a divorce
Be the person who was just promoted
Be the person who keeps accidentally kicking the tangle of wires underneath the reference desk and unplugging everything.
Just Be.
Just Be Who You Are.

This is where you are right now in your life. And right now it is the perfect place. It may not be a comfortable place. It may not be an ideal place. It is a place of self-awareness. A place where there is no need to avoid or excuse any action or inaction. From this place you can begin to take stock of what is and is not working around you and what is and is not in your power to change.

Anywhere you are is good for this moment.

If you were to tumble into a hole and needed to get out right away you would be in a very uncomfortable place. Fortuantely, you wouldn't waste your time berating yourself for stepping into the hole, the person who put the hole there, or your higher power for cursing you into the hole. If it's important to get out of there fast, you very quickly accept that you are in a hole and immediately make plans to evacuate said hole.

If you win the lottery you don't just sit around staring at the Great Big Check. You accept that you have a responsibility to deposit the check and make other arrangements for the use of the money. You don't sit around wondering what you would do if you won the lottery anymore. You accept it and get on with it! At least I hope you do!

So it is with our careers and home. Only when we admit that we are in a situation, good or bad, can we make appropriate decisions about our next steps. Only then can we truly free our minds to See What Needs To Be Done.


Unknown said...

Amen. It's the first step to envisioning where you want to be, in my humble opinion. Gotta specify where you are first! :)

zirelda said...

Sometimes I absolutely hate self awareness.....

K. C. Wells said...

Strong stuff! It would be good for me to remember that from time to time instead of feeling the need to apologize to myself for who I am.