Tuesday, August 07, 2007

What I'm Reading


Keeping the world away : a novel by Margaret Forster
I kind of like this one but I couldn't say why. It's about a painting that affects the lives of women throughout the 20th century. Apparently all the women, in the words of Greta Garbo "Want to Be Alone." And they're not just talking about a room of their own. These women are bothered by the world. It seems to be keeping my attention, but I can't figure out why. The first character is a ninny but it's interesting how she falls apart.

Cradle and all by James Patterson
My first foray into Patterson-land. I say, that guy does have a hook, doesn't he? No wonder the kids all dig him.

AAAAARRRRGH! I confess. I've been watching Big Brother 8 on CBS. I think I finally figured out why I like these stupid last-person-standing reality shows. It's the strategy. I suck at strategy. I couldn't live my life always strategizing how to use someone or get ahead. But I appear to enjoy watching other do it. Man, what a voyeur I am!

Obscure musical numbers from little-known musicals in which I performed. "All I want is a room in Bloomsbury..." lalala

Chain reaction by Dee Davis
Yipee! Nuclear disasters! Secret government Agencies! IDAHO!!!! Does it get any better?


Eduardo C. Corral said...


So good to hear from you!

I don't believe you. A bobcat? Really?

Booktender said...

Yes. Honest-to-goodness. Bobcats!

Here's the scoop: Maintenance people were underneath the library. Doing actual maintenance. Eddie (remember the guard?) was with them. At one point, with one up ladder, one watching, and Eddie watching, something Big, Yellow, and Black Striped went by.

All 3 grabbed the ladder and beat a hasty, if disorganized, retreat.

Patrols in search of the nest revealed really big skeletons. Like feral cat sized skeletons.

While this was happening, drilling was going on outside our office. Light Rail. This brought the rats into the building. One of which graciously died in our office ceiling and smelled for days before we figured it out.

A few days later while patrolling, the guards heard "mew, mew" and surmised that CHUD had a CHUDette and kits were also in the tunnel. Later that evening as I was strolling quickly to my car at 9, I saw two yellow and black animals, much larger than the feral cats streaking from parking lot to temple. UH-OH!

So, we then had CHUD, CHUDette, CHUDito, and CHUDita (pending gender clarification on the kits)

When they were finished drilling outside the office, the rats disappeared and so, apparently, did the bobcats.

Pity, really. After the coatimundi appearance last year, life in the 'ol biblioteca is really wild!

Anonymous said...

Just had to say that everytime I see this it me laugh... especially -- the IDAHO part :)

Dee Davis

Booktender said...

And I enjoyed the book, too. Ripping good fun!