Friday, September 21, 2007

Addendum: Important things to remember about relationships and/or marriage

My gosh, this must be so engrained in my being that I can't believe I left it out.

Develop your own interests outside the relationship. That's right. You want things to share. Lots of things. And not just the kids. Activities, Deep Thoughts, stuff like that. And you also want a place where you are separate.

My Daddy always said "just because you're married don't mean you're joined at the hip." My father's study of automotive history was his time. My mothers trips with her sister and with her mother are her time. The time she spent doing crewel-work and crochet and knitting? Her time. The time Dad spent at his metal machining in the basement? His time.

You can be in the same house or room. You can go visiting. You can become engrossed in your stamp collection while your spouse is an avid bridge-player.

Balance. It's all about the balance. It's important. Marriage is a commitment including two Individuals. Rejoice in what you share and honor what makes each of you so very special.

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