Thursday, October 25, 2007

Yeah...That Thing

You know that thing where everybody just seems to irritate you? Nice people. Helpful people. And just for that day, that hour, everybody can just go kiss yer a...?

Yeah, it's one of those. They're all: "Oh, let me get that for you" and you're thinking "Oh, bite me, whadda ya think? I'm a cripple?" Or, say the store clerk checks you out and says the standard thank you or whatever and you think "Oh eat dirt" but you say "Thank You!"

For no reason! Outta the blue. This urge. This monster inside you has decided This Is It. Today is the day. Today you are evil. Today you're the nasty customer, the "speak-my-mind-and-the-hell-with-you" jerk.

You just wanna be nasty. Try mean on for size. See if you like it. Practice "No NO NO NO." Get in touch with the inner toddler, the inner adolescent. Be rough. Be tough.

Oh why can't there be more days like this?

Friday, October 19, 2007

Library Cafe

11.5 years we've been in our new library building. 11.5 years we've waited for someone, anyone, to take space set aside for a coffee shop/cafe and fill our mouths with some sort of edible lunchtime food. Anything. We're not picky. In fact, we're desperate.

At long last, after many stops and starts, the cafe has an "owner" and will open, allegedly, in November. Me? I'm holding my breath.

Naturally, we had to have a libraryland name-off to name the cafe. The winner "The Open Book" was a good name. I applaud my colleague who sent it. Not as good as "Bobcat Buffet," but quite suitable.

Here follows, in my estimation, the ten worst names we could have chosen.

10. Deaccessioned

9. The Book Worm

8. 616.895

7. Sweetbreads Unlimited

6. Unattended Juveniles

5. Cheeseweed's

4. Guttercat's Meow

3. Burton's Barr

2. Pigeon's Drop-Inn

1. Mystery Munch

Thursday, October 18, 2007

Reading, Listening, Viewing

What I'm Reading
I just finished The kill : a novel by Allison Brennan. Nice mix of romance and suspense, easy on the long, torrid, and somehow boring sex scenes. The only problem I had was why there was no contact with the woman in the first installment of the trilogy. I think it would have been even better that way.

Last night I started on Dee Davis' Endgame . Only 25 pages in so we'll see how that goes.

What I'm Listening to
Gone by Lisa Gardner. Lots of characters in this one. It's a little confusing to listen to. Maybe this one is better of read. That being said, it is a good tale, is very suspenseful, and very police procedural-ish. There is a device used to slow down the heroine's response time that I find annoying but it does create more suspense so it works.

What I'm Watching
Oh good heavens, is there anything good on tv this fall? I don't know if it's me or if the shows are just missing my particular skewed demographic. Even Survivor seems pale this year. I hope they step it up a bit.

Fortunately I do have Survivor, Heroes, 30 Rock, My Name is Earl, Ugly Betty, and ER. Thanks to Chuck for just being...Chuck. Nerd Herd RULZ. It's the one bright spot I've personally found this autumn.

Speaking of bright spots, Pushing Daisies is a lovely exercise in color and style. Gorgeous to watch. Unfortunately, the tension is too much for me. Yeah, I can watch 24 but Pushing Daisies is too much. I think it's the dog.

Musical motif du jour

"Beatus Vir" from an older CD I don't happen to have handy right now. It's a cool arrangement. Reminiscent of a drinking song with it's regal and faintly boisterous first "beatus vir" from the choir.

The Rising Shore : Roanoke. The fate of the colony has always fascinated me. It's a mystery I'd love to solve.

F5 : devastation, survival, and the most violent tornado outbreak of the twentieth century. Yes, I love a good disaster. As long as I'm not in it. I have a good memory of this outbreak and believe-you-me it was Not Pretty. Ha! I do read stuff other than romances. So there.

Whirlpool by Elizabeth Lowell. I have no idea how I missed this one. I love her books.

Darkfever by Karen Moning. Sounds like this may be less vampire/werewolf and more psychic stuff. I like psychic powers stuff.

Wednesday, October 10, 2007

And this is what it leads to


But Only MST3K Could do it right

and now...really...I'm done...
Let's Put a Finish to the Show

C'mon, you didn't think that was all, did you?

Oh no, no, no....

Why, look at this lovely Youtube video of the 1982E Up with People Cast torturing the Boston Pops!

And what a sucinct summary of the 60s!

I think they did this one in the 60s when I first saw them! Or was that Hootenanny?

Oh wow! And here they talk about pregnant women in sign-language!

And now...the ultimate homage...

C'mon, you didn't think that was all, did you?

Oh no, no, no....

Why, look at this lovely Youtube video of the 1982E Up with People Cast torturing the Boston Pops!

And what a sucinct summary of the 60s!

I think they did this one in the 60s when I first saw them! Or was that Hootenanny?

Oh wow! And here they talk about pregnant women in sign-language!

Things that should have Gone Away Long Ago

Doggone it! Somebody brought up Up With People!

Surely you remember them? How many of us were held hostage in our schools by this nefarious group back in the 1960s and 1970s???? Oh, how many of us were forced to learn that infernal song...

Up, up with people
You meet 'em wherever you go
Up, up, with people
They're the best kinda folks we know
If more people
Were for people
Yes, people everywhere
There'd be a lot less people to worry about
and a lot more people who care!
There'd be a lot less people to worry about
and a lot more people who care!

Yes, I saw them in, what? 1969? And that damnable song is still stuck in my head! And, worst of all, they don't have the NERVE to post it on their website. Not a smidge, no sir. You can Download a Video Tour but no, not that song!!!!

The truly, really awfully scary thing? These were my coworkers who were discussing this. Kind, good, library employees who never intentionally harmed a fly. Or if they did they came to their senses quickly and never forgave themselves.

The youngest, who saw them in the 90s couldn't remember what they were all about. Weren't they kind of a cult of some kind? Any maybe they are...maybe so...

After all, that song never leaves you. Perhaps we've all been indoctrinated. We could be "Manchurian Candidates" waiting for the big moment to arrive when we rise up!

Or it could explain the Religious Right and the Republican world-domination theory.

The horror, the horror...

Monday, October 08, 2007

The October Horror Display

May I just share with you how difficult it is for me not to put out anything about certain government administrations or political happenings on this display?

Too bad. I just did.

Saturday, October 06, 2007

Libraryland Roundup????

Who is this young, fresh-faced, bright young newcomer? And why anonymous? ...curiouser and curiouser...

Libraryland Roundup

Today's Picture 10/6/07

The weather had cooled and, not quite clean, not completely disshelved, he faithfully returned to his post. He had carefully crafted a sign on the smoothest piece of lined paper he could find. A fine ballpoint pen completed his message. The exact message would be seen. It would be understood by those chosen. He stood erect. Clutching the homemade sign in his left hand he placed it squarely in front of him. Time to spread the news.

"Final Judgement. Final Judgement"

Thursday, October 04, 2007

Whuzzup at the 'ol Biblioteca

Books Under 200 Words!
From Library Stuff blog: see Still in need of a better search interface, this is a list of books that many of our less-than-enthusiastic readers might enjoy.

Books to Watch For
John Grisham’s Playing for pizza

Peter Hoeg, The quiet girl. This is Peter Hoeg’s first new novel in 10 years. You may remember him as the author of Smilla's sense of snow . No word about the setting. Or if it’s another freezing sleuth novel.

Ken Follet has written the sequel to Pillars of the earth. The new title, World without end, takes place in the same town but 200 years later. While Pillars was critically acclaimed and well received by the public, some Follet purists did not like him straying from the thriller path. Be ready for some surprised readers.

Fun Fact:
25% of Romance Readers who want new titles use the Library to read them. “Big Box” stores like Costco or Target have a larger percentage. Everything else is lower, including: chain bookstores, online, and independent bookstores (Publisher’s Weekly)

Lesa's Book Critiques
Bestseller Guesses for October

Vince Flynn: Protect and Defend : A Thriller

Ken Follett: World without end

Charlaine Harris: An ice cold grave

Iris Johansen: Pandora's Daughter

Jan Karon – Home to Holly Springs (new series)

Robert B Parker: Now and Then

Patricia Cornwell: Book of the Dead