Thursday, October 18, 2007

Reading, Listening, Viewing

What I'm Reading
I just finished The kill : a novel by Allison Brennan. Nice mix of romance and suspense, easy on the long, torrid, and somehow boring sex scenes. The only problem I had was why there was no contact with the woman in the first installment of the trilogy. I think it would have been even better that way.

Last night I started on Dee Davis' Endgame . Only 25 pages in so we'll see how that goes.

What I'm Listening to
Gone by Lisa Gardner. Lots of characters in this one. It's a little confusing to listen to. Maybe this one is better of read. That being said, it is a good tale, is very suspenseful, and very police procedural-ish. There is a device used to slow down the heroine's response time that I find annoying but it does create more suspense so it works.

What I'm Watching
Oh good heavens, is there anything good on tv this fall? I don't know if it's me or if the shows are just missing my particular skewed demographic. Even Survivor seems pale this year. I hope they step it up a bit.

Fortunately I do have Survivor, Heroes, 30 Rock, My Name is Earl, Ugly Betty, and ER. Thanks to Chuck for just being...Chuck. Nerd Herd RULZ. It's the one bright spot I've personally found this autumn.

Speaking of bright spots, Pushing Daisies is a lovely exercise in color and style. Gorgeous to watch. Unfortunately, the tension is too much for me. Yeah, I can watch 24 but Pushing Daisies is too much. I think it's the dog.

Musical motif du jour

"Beatus Vir" from an older CD I don't happen to have handy right now. It's a cool arrangement. Reminiscent of a drinking song with it's regal and faintly boisterous first "beatus vir" from the choir.

The Rising Shore : Roanoke. The fate of the colony has always fascinated me. It's a mystery I'd love to solve.

F5 : devastation, survival, and the most violent tornado outbreak of the twentieth century. Yes, I love a good disaster. As long as I'm not in it. I have a good memory of this outbreak and believe-you-me it was Not Pretty. Ha! I do read stuff other than romances. So there.

Whirlpool by Elizabeth Lowell. I have no idea how I missed this one. I love her books.

Darkfever by Karen Moning. Sounds like this may be less vampire/werewolf and more psychic stuff. I like psychic powers stuff.

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Anonymous said...

Oooh, F5. F5 is a scary book. Can't wait to hear your review.