Monday, November 19, 2007

And sometimes they really are funny

The kids. Sometimes ya wanna kill 'em and sometimes they just slay ya.

He looked to be about 9 years old. Kinda wound up. Like Mom and Dad had dropped him off after he'd had a large cola with a whole lotta sugar. They'd asked the older brother to stay with him but that lasted 5 minutes.

So the kids walking with his legs wide apart, rocking side to side and he says "Hey! Wanna know why I'm walkin' this way?"

Dummy that I am, I said "OK, why are you walking that way?"

"'Cause my brother just gave me a big wedgie and I'm even wearing two pairs of underwear under my shorts!"

Stifling a giggle I told him that was too much information. He then wandered away, taking huge sideways steps. Really, I think he was having a good time. Perhaps this is brotherly bonding.


zirelda said...

Yep too funny.

Unknown said...

I'd not be able to hold back! What a card!