Tuesday, November 06, 2007

Reading, Listening, Viewing

Finished reading Suzanne Brockmann's Force of nature : a novel. Ripping good fun as always with a Seal Team 16/Troubleshooters novel. Lots of action. New and old characters. I'm surprised I've stuck with the series this long. I have to give Ms. Brockmann props for her inclusion of the blossoming, ok, now blooming, love affair between two gay characters, Jules and Robin. Her inclusion of this take on love in a mainstream guy/girl romance series is really well done. Maybe this will help let homophobes know that there really is nothing to be scared of and (gasp) gay people are just like heterosexuals when it comes to emotions. Rock On Ms. Brockmann!

I'm taking a break from audiobooks for a little while. I need the ride home for head-clearing time.

Musical Motif
I must sing. When I'm angry, when I'm happy, when something needs to change, I must sing. I can post and blog all I want but my best communication is my voice. I want to audition again. I want a folk/rock acoustic kind of social justice anti-war kind of group of kindred spirits.

No idea how I'll find them. Female vocalists are a dime a dozen. Must tap into my ultra-secret top-notch pinko-commie liberal-hippie network.

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zirelda said...

Just put it out there. Good luck. I'd love to hear you in a band.