Monday, December 31, 2007

My favorite post written by me so far 2007

(With, as my colleague assures me, less than 11 hours to go)

If I've said it once I've said it a thousand times...

The year in posts

So there's this meme going around libraryland - go back and post the headline of the first post you made for each month over the last year. So here goes

January: Stuff to Look Out For 01042007
Interesting stuff for the new 2.0 Reader’s Advisory/Librarian/Bookjunkie world
March: OK, this was actually a picture, not a headline. You'll have to go to Tuesday, March 20, 2007
April: And I'm back...
May: Library Heck
June: Brushes with the Newsworthy
July: Declaration by Gemma Malley, RA Copy, due out Oct 2007
August: PLAN IT DANG IT!!!!
September: When it's time to change the channel
October: Whuzzup at the 'ol Biblioteca
November: Laugh, cry, sigh, or run away?
December: Iowa Caucus Drinking Game - 1

Interesting. Just looking at the headlines you wouldn't know what kind of year I head (other than suspecting a slight hissy-fit in May and in August. You do notice a very definite slant away from libraryland. Which may be a good sign. It may be I'm getting a life!

Sunday, December 23, 2007

And the planet on which this is appropriate?

A Black T-Shirt BOLDLY proclaiming "F*** You, You F***ING F***" I don't care if it's a quote from Shakespeare, this is just Not Appropriate outside of...well, I'm sure there must be a place it's acceptable. It just escapes me now.

Some years back, I actually saw a variation of this phrase on a t-shirt worn to my stepson's Junior High Choir Concert? What kind of sense does that make? Is it the only shirt you own? You couldn't stroll over to Salvation Army or Goodwill and spend a buck for a better one? You couldn't put a "need" post on freecycle? HELLO?

Not that I'm saying the person doesn't have a right to wear such a thing. Just because I find their choice of free speech Inappropriate doesn't make it unspeakable.

It just makes me want to holler. "LOOKIT YOU, YOU LUGUBRIOUS LOUT!

Monday, December 17, 2007

Iowa Caucus Drinking Game - 1

But enough of this 6 steps for now. It's time to Get Serious. It's time to spend a few weeks preparing ourselves for that most wondrous of events, the glory of our hearts, the rock of our souls: The Iowa Caucus. And, more importantly, the Iowa Caucus Drinking game. Now I haven't thought this completely through and, being a non-drinker just now I may have to improvise on the usual game rules.

So let's start with the improvised NA rules - please feel free to play by the traditional rules as well:
1 sip = 1 point, etc.
1 shot = 10 points
2 shots = 20 points, etc
1 shot+1 sip = 11 points
Chug your drink = 1000 pts
Chug your drink, grab the bottle and slam it down = 5000 pts plus one trip to the hospital

In this modern day and age, I would suggest a random shuffling between "live coverage" stations for the evening. 5 minutes each, then switch. I'm sure some of you have remotes that allow you to go to 5-10 distinct stations without having to reprogram all your favorites? Or maybe just for the night, I dunno.

Hit a commercial? Everybody but the person with the remote loses the next turn. The person with the remote loses 2 turns. Best to circulate the remote, gentlemen.

Optional: Choose 3 or 4 newsfeeds or websites for ongoing coverage, switch and refresh every 5 minutes.

To begin:
Live remote from Prairie Lights Bookstore in Iowa City: 1 sip
Live remote from Danish Immigrant Museum in Red Oak: 1 shot

Interview at the local Kiwanis, Elks, Moose, KofC, other fraternal lodge or non-educational, non-religious venue: 1 sip
Interview at a Flying J truckstop: 2 sips
Interview at a random truckstop and/or diner: 3 sips
Interview at my aunt and uncle's truckstop on Highway 1 near Cantril: 5 shots and some aspirin

Please feel free to contribute. Especially in the areas of mispronounciation and potatoes.