Monday, December 31, 2007

The year in posts

So there's this meme going around libraryland - go back and post the headline of the first post you made for each month over the last year. So here goes

January: Stuff to Look Out For 01042007
Interesting stuff for the new 2.0 Reader’s Advisory/Librarian/Bookjunkie world
March: OK, this was actually a picture, not a headline. You'll have to go to Tuesday, March 20, 2007
April: And I'm back...
May: Library Heck
June: Brushes with the Newsworthy
July: Declaration by Gemma Malley, RA Copy, due out Oct 2007
August: PLAN IT DANG IT!!!!
September: When it's time to change the channel
October: Whuzzup at the 'ol Biblioteca
November: Laugh, cry, sigh, or run away?
December: Iowa Caucus Drinking Game - 1

Interesting. Just looking at the headlines you wouldn't know what kind of year I head (other than suspecting a slight hissy-fit in May and in August. You do notice a very definite slant away from libraryland. Which may be a good sign. It may be I'm getting a life!

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