Thursday, January 17, 2008

The New Year's quilt : an Elm Creek quilts novel

The New Year's quilt : an Elm Creek quilts novel by Jennifer Chiaverini
The coziness and creativity continue in this latest installment from the Elm Creek Quilters Series. No, it's not the strongest entry in the series. Yes, it mostly seems to be a re-hashing of already known information about Sylvia Bergstrom's life and relationships with her family and friends. Still, its comfort, good humor, and downright pleasantness is such a refreshing pause in life that I continue to recommend the series.

I particularly enjoyed the descriptions of Pennsylvania-German holidays with all the traditional trimmings. Sylvia has seen a culture change within her Elm Creek world and the greater world. Being human, Sylvia and her beloved Andrew balk at times but, in Elm Creek good grace, their acceptance of their past, present, and future is a great example for us all.

Looking forward to the Winding Ways novel coming next!

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