Wednesday, January 02, 2008

Today's Picture - We Know Him

We've never seen him before
Still, we know him

We know him in a wheelchair
We know him trudging alone across the park
We know him resting under the bridge
We know him male or female, black, white or any other color

We know him, this person we've never seen before
We know the sweetrotted cabbagesmell of gangrene of death
It has been here before
It will come again

It's an open floor
a masterpiece the size of a soccer field
sleek steel surfaces, weekly-washed carpets, concrete pillars
and contrasting tall maple half-walls

One shuffle
Half the floor
We understand now

An escort to the door
A piece of paper
Typed words and phone numbers
And advice
Vague help

The building can recover
The building is saved

Once met, always known
In this place or in another place
All places
Still unknown

And we know ourselves
Our fear
Our anger
Our shame for our anger
Our helplessness
Our guilty prayers
Our heart prayers

We remember the horrorplace in the corner of our Selves
The place where compost lives
It must stay with us

He is human
We are human
We know him

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