Wednesday, February 27, 2008

American Idol - The Boys - 2/26/08

None of the men won last night's "Booktender's Fast Forward" award this week. It was a close competition last week, but Luke won out over Amy Davis' cringe-worthy performance. Bless the child I hope she can pull it out and try another day. She does have a pleasant quality.

Well. Congratulations Luke Menard! After fast-forwarding through your flat, drudging performance last week I listened this week. Welcome back to the competition. And a big 'ol teddy-bear hug to he-of-first-name, Chekezie, for a great comeback. Keep it cool, dude, and we'll see you in the top 10. I think.

Now here's a problematic quandry: Danny Noriega. Suitably androgenous for a 'tweener hearthrob? check Decent voice? check Great sense of clothing style? check. Coming off kinda gay? OOOOPS! Don't let it cost you the competition, kid. You know how them there 'merican homophobes are. Not that I know you're gay or even care, just don't come off that way kid. Play it close to the vest. 'merica just don't take a shine to that yit. The dorks.

So, when David Archuleta opened his mouth and John Lennon's "Imagine" came out of it this enormous "NOOOOOOOO!" took over my brain. Simply overroad every circuit. That lad was done for.

But he pulled it off. Finally, someone had the nerve to take it and twist it a bit so it overcame the hackneyed overuse it has enjoyed for decades and came out as something for a new generation. And he has a certain 'tweener appeal. And woman my age may share my urge to adopt him. I don't know if he can keep it up. Vote the Worst may get him. Or Something Scandalous May Happen. For now, I'm impressed with the lad.

Now...who to kick many choices...
I'd say Jason or Jason. Yeager? no presence. Castro? not focused. Yeager, if you're going to act like an older man, get the schtick with it. Castro, if you're going all coffee-house then embrace it.

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zirelda said...

I have yet to be able to hear the boys. Dan leaves and Rach and I end up watching Myth Busters or doing homework.

But I do like the Irish girl with the tattoos.