Sunday, February 10, 2008

Six Handy Steps - Step 1 - Part 4

So you have a handle on what's really bugging you. You have begun to accept that you are where you are and that's ok for the moment. You're looking at your Self in an inquiring way and unearthing basic problems and prioritizing them.

Now you are ready to look around your workplace and See What Needs to Be Done. You may surprise yourself. What needs to be done may be as simple as reorganizing your files. It may be a good weeding needs to be done in your favorite library section. It may be that you need to learn new techniques for time management or using technology. It may be a co-worker conflict that you need to share with a supervisor to get input for resolution. It may be an attitude or idea that is somehow making your world small.

Just look and see what needs to be done. It doesn't have to be done for the entire library system. It may be something you need to do for You. It doesn't matter where you start. Choose just one thing to address.

Look at that thing. Even the simplest things require a process to complete. Cleaning out your desk drawer requires that you decide what to keep and what not to keep, how to arrange things so you can find them easily, and what supplies you need that you don't have.

Let's continue with the desk drawer example. Are you thinking "I have too many pencils?" or are you thinking "I have too many pencils but we might have a budget cut and I'll wish I had them?" Are you thinking "I have to keep that 15 year old rubber stamp I haven't used in years because I have to use it to process books?" or are you thinking "That rubber stamp served me well in years past and, since I don't do book processing anymore it's ok to let it go"

Notice the buts and the have-tos? As you're deciding what needs to be done remember to listen to your mental sentences and watch out for those scary words and phrases. They are your warning signals. You'll watch for those as you go through this whole multi-part process that is part of the Six Handy Steps.

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zirelda said...

Actually what I was thinking is I really really love that gold jelly pen even though it has no place in business.... and I wish it did.