Saturday, February 16, 2008

What I'm Reading

What I'm Reading
I'm trying to read Patricia Potter's Tempting the devil . I'm going to put it aside for now. I think I'll enjoy it another time. Just now it's not grabbing me. I'll save it for "guilty pleasures" reading another day.

In an always-nearly-fatal activity for a librarian, Mom and I went to the bookstore today. I bit the bullet and paid for Geraldine Brooks' People of the book : a novel. Should be a ripping fun read. Some have called it a very much more literate The Da Vinci code, others have said it tries too hard. I think it sounds great! (See [Reviews]; See what I think might be similar: Mysterious Treasures, Dangerous Clues; related: Did You Like the Da Vinci Code? )

I also picked up The book of names by Jill Gregory and Karen Tintori. Interestingly, The Economist appears to approve. It always cracks me up when Economist recommends popular literature. Seems incongrous. [Reviews] are mixed.

Mom and I are working out the listening/hearing/grieving part of her first visit without Dad. Dad really, really loved driving here and eating at all his favorite places. So, off we go with memories and tears. Mom has been listening to Dumas' The Seven Last Words of Christ in preparation for performance when she returns home. I'm just listening to my mp3 do the shuffle.

Oh please, need you ask?
American Idol is beginning to get down to performance
Survivor is back!
Bonus Big Brother? Woo Hoo (although I'm not digging the couples thingy. And why oh why don't these dorks realize they have incredible alliances built in? Hellllooooo?)


zirelda said...

I'm still waiting for Earl....

I hope your visit went well. Memories, tears and hugs.

Unknown said...

I hate that John Locke is being framed by Jack as a bad person! John Locke is our moral compass, our faith over science!

Anyway, glad you and Mom are getting time together and going through that process. Hugs to you both.

OneEar said...

Vote COCO!/

Karen Tintori said...

Visiting a bookstore is always nearly fatal for authors, too, Anne, since we are voracious readers.

Hope you enjoy The Book of Names. We are busily plotting mystical thriller number three.

Firsts -- visits, holidays, birthdays -- without a parent are always so difficult to get through. My dad has been gone since 1984 and I still tear up every now and then.

Karen Tintori