Wednesday, March 12, 2008

American Idol 3/11/08

Well done Chikezie! Those first week jitters seem to have dissapated. For me, it was the most enjoyable performance of the week. Brooke also did very well. I was a bit concerned when I heard her song choice but her rendition was genuine and the removal of shoes gave it the big sell.

I like performers who are genuinely themselves. Except when it comes to Jason. If he wants to be more than Mr. Coffeehouse he needs to step up the presentation. He's good. He just needs to step up the presentation.

2/3 of the Davids made big OOPS last night. Archuleta's youth and nerves are starting to show and Hernandez just plain blew it. They'll probably continue unless Hernandez's past bites him in his shapely butt. David Cook took a song I hate and made it kinda fun. Good for him.

John Michael could be a contender. Carly did well but her physical presentation needs a lot of work. Do something with your hair or dress totally grunge or goth, ok? Watch your face when you hit some of those notes. You look like you're in pain. And I still maintain there should be a legal limit on the size of tatoos on the bodies of persons in public. Including NBA players but that's another story.

Ramiele could squeek by this week but if she doesn't work on selling the song, on Presentation, she's going to go fast.

So, we're down to the bottom three, my contenders for home tonight:

Amanda: Love your drive and rockin' attitude. Now if we could just hear some words and see you emote without bending over like you've got a bad case of cramps...Fortunately, I think Vote For The Worst could save you.

Shyesha: I LOVE you! And you soooooo blew it last night. Presentation and Vocals count. Really. Pump it up kid.

Kristy: Oh Kristy. You're a good kid. Your lack of experience and musicianship really hurt you last night. There's country and then there's bluegrass. Country may include bluegrass but they're not the same. Honeybunch ya just didn't get it. It was a country parody, not a singing competition performance. Ya got the talent so...avoid the door on your way out.

Leading contender for the Sanjaya Award for staying longer than you should? Still too early to tell but it could very well be David Archuleta if he has more weeks like this one.

Leading contender for the Nikki McKibben Award: Amanda, hands down. Rocker chick? check. Unusual look? check, possibility of staying around until the end just because of the "vote for the worst" mentality? Very Strong

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