Tuesday, March 25, 2008

American Idol - 3/25/08

Sayesha, Sayesha, Sayhesa, welcome back. You're doing what I knew you could do. Michael and David Cook have the more memorable presentations, but Sayesha, you're back. Wow, David! Thank goodness someone took the curse off all the songs ever sung by Michael Jackson.

Awwww...David A. Punkin, your age and inexperience are starting to show. I'm putting you on the "sliding down the charts" column, kid. I'm taking you off the block for the Sanjaya Award because, let's face it, who could be as anoying as Sanjaya? In fact, I don't see any Sanjaya awards coming this year! Nor a Nikki McKibben any more. It's getting hard to to find someone to really pick on.

So I'll be mean to Jason, Kristy, and Carly! Carly's fadin' First off, there should be a real be a legal limits to tattoos on any performer. I've said it about basketball players and now I'm sayin' it about singers. And for pete's sake take a risk with the clothing. I'm tired of looking at your arms.

And speaking of clothing, I'm sick, once again, of black, black, black, black. At least a couple of people broke out of that safe choice. Not that someone needs to wear an orange suit. Just do something. Props again to Sayesha for not wearing black. At least it's better than last year grey, grey grey black and grey.

Kristy had a great performance. That song is a piece of Americana, sure. And it's overdone to the point of parody anytime anyone sings it. To me, a lousy choice

Oh dude, Jason, give it up with the coffehouse stuff. Just stop it. Now.

By golly, I think Jason could go home. Or maybe Kristy. Oh no, I'm not sure any more. How can I go on? Sheesh

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