Monday, March 03, 2008

Snark - When it's time to retire

Let's say you've hit the golden number and are eligible for retirement. Let's say your department and part of your own turf has been rearranged. Your Cheese Has Been Moved.

Now is the time to let it all out. Follow these rules

1. Whine
2. Make disparaging remarks about your new supervisor's management style
3. Use passive-aggression whenever possible
4. Refuse to adapt to the new departmental needs and priorities
5. Huff around righteously
6. Do the above often enough that it infects others in your department, creating a nifty little quamire you can leave behind in the laps of those who are staying.
7. Buy into the crap that everything is dumbing down
8. Be a manure-spreader and make sure that dumbing-down and your negativity become part of your department's corporate culture.
9. Destroy the respect others have had for you for all the good things you have done previously
10. Leave behind a legacy of anger, stubborness, and discontent

1 comment:

zirelda said...

I hate when that happens....