Tuesday, April 01, 2008

American Idol - 4/1/08

Well here's my impressions because, honestly America, aren't you all on the edge of your seats waiting to hear from me? Feedburner lies. Thousands are reading. One pixel at a time.

Naw, I'm not delusional

Best tonight, IMHO, Michael, Brooke, David C. and, surprisingly, Jason. No one was perfect. I'm so relieved to see Brooke's hair pulled back a little. They was totally buggin' me. Jason is stepping away from the coffeeshop little by little. He needs to start leaning toward Paul Simon. That's a big, big step. Maybe he's up to it, maybe he isn't.

I wasn't impressed with David A. He's looking younger and more out of depth each week. But he'll go through. Who knows, he could grow out of it. But just now, he's dancing on my last nerve. Pity, because I'm sure he's a nice kid. I think he's been told about his angelic voice so long that he doesn't know any other way to perform. Maturity is needed. Could come out I guess. He's just buggin me, poor kid.

Simon was spot on about Carly's costuming. Gotta go. Knock off the goth, don't be so proud of your tattoos. Lighten your hair.

Kristy and Sayesha did pretty good. Ramiele is just out of her depth.

So, who's in the bottom 3...
Should be David A, Carly, Ramiele

It will be
Ramiele, Sayesha, and, hopefully, Carly but probably Jason


zirelda said...

I think... I'm in love with Jason....

And I don't even watch that show.

Booktender said...

I really don't care for the dreads. Usually they don't bother me but, man, he could look so much better in another style. I'm sure other folks find the dreds a turnon...hmmm?

He does have those killer blue eyes though. And he's the kind of singer I'd like to work with locally just because I think there are all kinds of songs that need to be sung right now in that style.

Kick it a bit over to the Paul Simon style and the kid could totally have something.

zirelda said...

I'm ok with his dreads although I don't want any.

And I like his style.