Tuesday, April 15, 2008

American Idol - 4/15/08

Darned if Jason didn't come out of nowhere tonight and impress me the most. David A did better than last week but he's still being outperformed. And Kristy was great. Never thought I'd be more impressed Jason and Kristy than Brooke and David C.

Perhaps the game is on...

News for David C. and Brooke: The viewers don't know if you picked a hard song or not. They want to be entertained. Both performances were good just...awkward? David C was out of his range. Brooke needs to let loose. Don't lose it now, kids!

So, my bottom three this week?
Carly - flat, uninspiring, clothing still too dark, thanks for covering the tatoos
Sayesha - kinda flat this week. Looked terrific!
and (ouch) David Cook. Song was pitched too low, the performance was shaky, the choice was just not working for him. I disagree with the judges

Who will be in the bottom three?
and a mystery performer to be named later.

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