Wednesday, April 09, 2008

American Idol - 4/8/08

Well, how about that. Good job Kristy. She won me over and is back near the top. In fact, last night she was my top. Everybody else kinda shirked a bit. No, David A. made a surprisingly good recovery as well. Making his hair a little more grown up and hiding his awkwardness behind a piano helped him a lot.

And thank goodness they did something with David Cook's hair! You lost the combover, dude!

Jason: I think the judges and I were listening to two diferent performances. I thought he was flat and a little lost. But what the heck, he'll go through.

My only prediction for this week's elimination is that somehow, Sayesha will be in the bottom three despite her terrific voice. No "sell" no "win." That's the way the idol falls.

Or WILL there be elimination this week? Was there after last year's fundraiser? I don't remember. If I was one of those kids I sure wouldn't be betting on it!

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