Thursday, April 10, 2008

American Idol - 4/9/08 - IDOL GIVES BACK!

Nice job, well done, bravo. And seriously folks, let's all fork over some change and get some damn mosquito nets to Africa.

I can't cure aids
I can't rebuild New Orleans
I can fork over a few bucks to save a kid from malaria

And imagine that, including the kids from So You Think You Can Dance in the numbers?


Sure took the producers long enough to put two and two together on that! I would like to see some more variety-show-like stuff with old idols and SYTYCD dancers and a few of those that didn't make it. OK, the clogging hip-hop guy. I like him.

And Carrie Underwood's Dress!!!! BRAVO! Real class. Somebody at AI is learning how to style people. Or she has her own now.

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