Tuesday, April 22, 2008

American Idol - April 22

Hey! Anybody nervous much?

Brooke may have bought her ticket home. Shame but she hadn't even tried to cut loose before this and it could be too late. Jason? Oh dear me save me. He can't shake the coffeehouse. But his eyes may save him.

Sayesha was quite good but it may not save her from previous weeks.

Thank You Sir Weber! ARCHULETA OPEN YOUR DANG EYES! That's what's missing. That and really rockin' performance. You gotta have one, kid.

Best this week? Sayesha, David C., and Carly. Thanks for covering up the tats and trying some color.

bottom two: Jason and Brooke

Who will be in the bottom 3:
Sayesha, Brooke and, oh, I'm guessing Carly.

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zirelda said...

oh yeah, Carly got booted. Sayesha (sp?) brought tears to my eyes and I was disappointed in Jason although he's still cute as a bugs ear.

And what was with Brook starting over? No No No!