Sunday, April 13, 2008

Things that make the day go faster

Dead Roach, Day 13

I had a couple of days off so I was eager to see if the roach was still there and, of course, to post back to you, dear reader.

Today, the roach seems almost himself again. But this is deceptive.

In the process of deterioration, his entire corpose has listed further to port. Or starboard. West anyway. Gravity being what it is, this has caused his waings and other attached parts to slide back together in a semblance of his original form. He also has a ligtening of color.

Being unfamiliar with the decomposition of roaches, I'll be curious to see his next Move

Other News
Had my annual scorpion run in today. One of the nasty looking striped tail I believe. Miss Birdie, as always was determined to meow in my closet last night and Mr. Trout looked concerned. This nearly always tells me something is amiss. So it was no great surprise to see the darn thing wandering around bold as brass today. A quick whack of a shoe dispatched it to its reward. Mr. Trout sniffed the remaining smear and pronounced it good.

I'm fairly sure it came in on a package yesterday. I think i will shell out the $5.00 per package delivery at the local UPS store. Enough is enough. Now if I could only figure out why the random and large ARIZONA BARK SCORPION was doing hanging randomly beside my second floor washer/dryer closet last year...

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zirelda said...

Oh Oh Oh. If the roach description wasn't enough to make my hair rise, the scorpion got it done.

I used to live at the edge of town where all the good sun scorpions live.