Wednesday, June 18, 2008

And on the topic of Iowa

A few songs from Greg Brown and his Band of Renown. We're in a terrible mess just now with the flooding and the saturated ground. His music is just the thing for celebrating and building hope as, resident and emeritus alike face the challenges, joys, and sorrows of rebuilding.

Joys of Iowa
"The Iowa Waltz"

Home in the midst of the corn,
The middle of the U.S.A.
Here's where I was born,
And here's where I'm goin' to stay.

Iowa, Iowa,
Winter, spring, summer and fall.
Come and see, come dance with me,
To the beautiful Iowa Waltz.

We take care of our own, take care of our young,
Make hay while the sun shines.
Growing our crops, singing our songs,
And planting until harvest time.

The cafes will be filled with farmers frustrated by the inability to get into the field and have a crop this year. The anger will be intense. And yet our love of the farmer remains strong. And their sense of humor will return.

"Counting Feedcaps"
Don't wanna live in the city,
City is way too full.
I just wanna be where I can sleep
with both of my eyes closed.

Don't wanna live in the country,
I can't afford no farm.
So I'm in this little town, and I look around,
And there ain't that much to do.

Let's go down to the cafe and count feedcaps,
and count feedcaps, in a row.
Red and blue and green over the coffee cups,
Stirrin' easy, fadin' slow.

JoAnn, you know how much I love you,
That's why I brought you here.
Where the rent is cheap and the fishin's good,
When it don't rain too much.

What is this look in your eyes, dear?
Are you tired of me?
You don't wanna read; nothin's on TV,
Don't look at your suitcase like that.
[repeat chorus]


zirelda said...

Lots of flooding.... but good that Iowans can stay up with everything that is going on.

Unknown said...

How is everything back home, Bookie?