Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Life on Shuffle

The shuffle option on your mp3 or ipod can be a great tool for enlightenment for the soul. Your musical life shuffled at random. A reflection of your mood du jour or a varied playlist. Or the type of book your listening to. Or what you need at the time.

So many ways to shuffle today. Opportunities to look at You in a whole new way. Goodreads and Librarything show you what you read and give you clues to your Self. Even good old paper lists.

When I offload and reload new playlists and listen, really listen, I find reflection. I find myself skipping some music, repeating others. Perhaps I find intellectual stimulation in comparing and contrasting the many versions of Red Wing, Wondrous Love, and the perenniel Amazing Grace I have. Perhaps I have the blessed experience of tension and release in the Randall Thompson Alleluia. Why do I have these on the playlist? What does that say about my needs and interests? What does that say about Me?

Last night I offloaded some things and reloaded the songs I will need to carry me meditatively through the first anniversary of my father's death. Off came most of the rock and roll. On came the choral works we enjoyed. And gospel for praise. And roots/folk music that give insight into the musical history we loved to share.

I will bring my tiny wonder-speakers for the non-mp3 enhanced car. My mother and I will listen on our journey to share a pilgramage to his grave next week. As we cross the Iowa we all loved so much, we will share the roots of our musical, historical, and meditative tradition.

We will grieve the loss we have suffered. We will celebrate the land we love. We will grow. We will affirm. We will have singing. We will come out rejoicing in the love we shared. In grief there is memory. In memory emotions of all kinds. Ending in celebration is what we will need. It will give a few small moments of grace in a time of sorrow.

Let us all shuffle our lives once in a while and see anew the wonders within.


zirelda said...

I shuffle mine all of the time because I like that the next song is always a surprise.

Hugs for you and your mother.

Kathleen said...

I don't have an iPod, but I appreciate the shuffle.

I've read about the rain. :(

Hope your journey is as smooth as such a journey can be.