Monday, June 09, 2008

Snark-Off Time!

YAY! Kind of an angry snark this week. Enjoy!

Things I still think are Bad Ideas:
South Carolina to Offer Cross on Car Plates
via All News Feeds on 6/5/08

From the Making Friends and Influencing People Department:
A radical new strategy: kill fewer Muslims
via All News Feeds on 6/5/08

So...lemme get this straight...if we kill fewer people fewer of their friends, relatives, and neighbors want to kill us? I've got one word for that kind of thinking: BRILLIANT!
I'm on board for this one.

Dunkin' Donuts pulls Rachael Ray ad after complaints
via All News Feeds on 5/28/08
Good thinking, Dunkin'. You've just aligned yourself with uneducated hysterics who couldn't tell a keffiyah from a swaddling blanket. WAY TO GO!!!

"Confessing Movement Calls Ucc To Suspend Dialogue On Race "via
The United Church of Christ by Rev. Chuck Currie on 5/15/08
"Biblical Witness Fellowship (BWF), a small group of UCC members generally upset over the denominations stance's over civil rights for gay and lesbian people, is now calling on the denomination to suspend the "Sacred Conversation on Race" scheduled for this weekend... "

Good thinking BWF, since you disagree with your denomination's ability to love everyone let's make sure they don't preach about loving anyone at all. That'll teach 'em!

My Personal Soapbox
Of all the stupid time-wasting investigations this one is at the top of my list. Since when is inviting a prominent member of your denomination to speak at a gathering in any way a violation of the law? Helloooooo? Oh, duh, I forgot whose administration was in power...sorry:

Breaking News: IRS Determines UCC Followed All Rules
via The United Church of Christ by Rev. Chuck Currie on 5/21/08

By the same token, here's a Cardinal I'm rootin' for:
Chicago cardinal suspends priest at center of Clinton flapvia All News Feeds on 6/2/08
And rightly so.

Put On Yer Hangin' Shoes, Chester, It's Time To Dance!
Texas prepares for crush of executions
via All News Feeds on 5/24/08

What Not to Crochet and Smart Bitches, Trashy Books are my idols. But you already knew that, didn't you?

Truly, I am not worthy.


Unknown said...

Wait. A checkered scarf? They pulled the ad because some nitwit with nothing better to do than bitch complained that her scar, which can be found in nearly every freakin' store in the mall, was promoting a culture or a terrorism group? What a bunch of radical idiots. And shame on the company for bowing to the pressure of radical idiots.

Does that mean my calling someone a wisenhimer is anti-semitic?

zirelda said...

The one I had to laugh at was the priest who was convicted for indencency for jogging naked in Colorado Springs. Or it might have been Denver. Not sure which.

I thought the Rachel Ray thing was a little over the top.