Tuesday, July 29, 2008

The Big Snark-Off!

Enough of that libraryland crap. I know what my reader really likes.

I personally concurr with the Librarian's Guide to Etiquette's staff roster suggestion and hereby nominate myself for "least-dignified."

Character, Being a library
from A Librarian's Guide to Etiquette by J
Every library's personnel roster should include someone to fill each of the following character roles:
the village idiot
the insecure scholar
the Pollyanna
the skanky slut
the pretty one

It is recommended to write these roles into people's job descriptions so that you don't end up with more than one idiot.
Oh good grief, fellas. Let's ease up on the religion crap.
Oh poor John McCain. Barack went to Europe and the Middle East and all Johnny got was a chunk of skin cancer removed. Wah wah

New Yorker' Editor Defends Obama Cover
from NPR Topics: Arts & Culture
This week's New Yorker magazine shows a cartoon of Sen. Barack Obama dressed like Osama bin Laden, and his wife, Michelle, donning military gear. They are sharing a fist-bump in the Oval Office. Editor David Remnick says the illustration was meant to poke fun at the "politics of fear."
I saw the illustration. Trust me, if you have to explain why the cover of a New Yorker is humorous you've just plain blown it. Apologize and move on.

Bring-Shame-To-The-Faith Department
Semiautomatic Assault Rifles For Jesus
from The United Church of Christ by Rev. Chuck Currie
The UCC's Pastor Dan has a post up on Street Prophets about a church (thankfully not UCC) that planned on giving away a semiautomatic assault rifle as a door prize for a youth event. Alas, plans didn't work out this year but they promise to give away the gun next year. Visit Windsor Hills Baptist Church to learn about about this really cutting edge congregation. Perhaps the UCC should start raising money to pay for bullet proof jackets for kids who might go to school with students who attend Windsor Hills.
I Say: WTFBBQ? On what planet is this remotely a good idea?

Bad Placement
Twin Peaks anyone?

Smart Bitches, Trashy Books

Hooray! A cover-snark! Hooray!

I really did once date a guy with a tatoo of a unicorn on his shoulder. Fortunately, it was not 3-D as that could have interfered with the very activity illustrated on the cover. I just don't know how these two do it!

ACK @ Me!

When you write two blogs, you simply must remember to sign into the right one before posting!

Thrillers, Mysteries, and

Hop in the Wayback Machine!

This is good news for all you film buffs out there. Hope these lost scenes will soon be coming to a library dvd-supplier near you!

Jul 21, 2008 5:12 PM
Long-Lost Reels Of 1927's 'Metropolis' Recovered
from NPR Topics: Arts & Culture

Really, we think this is cool

ACK! For Shame!

FictionDB.com - free online readers advisory
from LibrarianInBlack by Sarah Houghton-Jan

Our wise libraryland leader, Sarah Hougton-Jan has made an "oops!" We all know that readers advisory is a one to one practice which can be aided by computers and other lists. However great www.fictionDB.com is, it does not provide readers advisory.

Only we, your friendly local librarians are the experts in this field!

Graphic Novels

If you don't get enough political news on tv, radio, internet, and your office, now you can also get it via graphic novels! Both McCain and Obama have individual tomes and both strike a heroic pose on their respective covers

Holy Politicians! Obama, McCain Get Comic Books
from In the Bookroom

Sunday, July 27, 2008

What I'm Reading/Listening/Hearing/Seeing

The angel By Neggers, Carla
I've found a new-to-me romantic suspense author to fill my time between new Nora Roberts, Linda Howard, and Suzanne Brockmann releases. And she has a hearty backlist for my extended reading pleasure!

Angel, like so many other romantic-suspense titles today, has a whiff of the paranormal. Fortunately, it does not overwhelm the quick pace and emotional impact of the book. Big bonus for the Ireland-Boston connections between characters and their history. Nice little tidbits about Irish folklore are interspersed as well humor in character interactions make this a pleasant snuggle-up-and-read-in-bed book. It is also suitable for hammocks, beaches, comfy chairs and, cautiously, bathtubs.

On a brief break from e-audio, I'm enjoying the Stephanie Miller show. This is just the morning-drive thing for the liberal. Humor driven, it always has a sly, or blatant, humorous dig at the neocons. Or at least humorous to a more liberal person.

On Stephanie's days off, the black liberal morning-drive humor POV is emphatically and hilariously represented by the comedy duo Frangela.

Soon to be Listening!
I'd planned to start trying out the Bullet-Catcher series written by Roxanne St. Claire. ("Trained to protect. Able to kill. Willing to die. And drop-dead gorgeous."). I was dismayed to find my library doesn't have book one of the series, Kill Me Twice. So I decided, what the heck, just this once I'll order a copy from Amazon.

This action has contributed to the economic downfall of many reading and music enthusiasts. In my case, I remembered I had been meaning to add to my more "serious" symphonic and choral recordings. A girl can't live by rock, folk, roots, Chanticleer and oldies alone!

I am also, as a former performer and live-long music lover, to say that I did not have these recordings before - except for a couple of now-useless casettes. So here's the damage:

Rachmaninoff Greatest Hits
Rhapsody on a Theme of Paganini is one of my most favorite-in-the-world symphonic works. Yeah it's schmaltzy. Sure it's overdone. Does it appeal to my romantic soul? Does the naked longing of the piece stir me? Do I defy anyone to resist its blatant allure? Yes! Yes to it all! It was also the first music cassette I owned. I chose this because the London Symphony Orchestra is as good an orchestra for this as any.

I will say that the "greatest hits" concept for a non-pop musician is tired. Get over it publicists. People will either dig it or they won't.

Faure: Requiem
One of the first serious extened choral work I sant. It was also part of my early exposure to singing church latin, unusual for a protestant. The In Paradisum of this work is among the most touching of works in the choral canon. The score and vocals are evocative of the traditional angelic view of paradise using harps and voice. Extra Bonus Points that it is a Deutsche Grammophon recording.

Stravinsky: Symphony of Psalms; Symphony in C; Symphony in Three Movements
Strivinsky's Symphony of Psalms is a piece I can not sing. I had the opportunity. I have the ability. If I'd had the strength at the time I could probably have overcome my overwhelming emotional response and performed it.

Such was not to be. The Alleluia/Laudate Eum (Psalm 150) did me in. I still quake with the spirit when I think of it. I have no explanation for the glorious gut response to my enounter with this work and why it stays with me even 20 years later.

The notes , patterns, and tempo follow a course contrary to the lyrics. Voice lines meet and converge, orchestral lines meet and converge like the clashing of cymbals in the text (Laudate Eum in cymbalis bene sonantibus/Laudate Eum in cymbalis jubilantionibus.) Solemnity and praise. Tension and release.

A slow tempo for praise, interrupted with louder, quicker Laudates. And an eerie almost-stillness wafting above. If Faure's In Paradisum is angelic, this is far above ethereal.

I can not sing it, only sit in trembling awe and adoration as I experience it.

Saturday, July 19, 2008


The Shell game By Alten, Steve
This one is, indeed chilling. Because I suspect too much of it can be true. Honestly. I swear. I can not say it any better than this Amazon reviewer:

"I don't normally read fiction. However, "The Shell Game" was recommended to me by a friend. The book is very fast-paced, plausible and unfortunately, disturbing. I say disturbing because the author wraps the story around little known facts surrounding 9/11, Iraq and our current Oil Crisis. It's clear that Steve Alten chose "fiction" as a genre to convey that the United States, if not the rest of the world, is smack in the middle of a geopolitical and environment crisis. If we don't wake up from our deep sleep, the crisis will only get larger and we will all suffer as a result.Regardless, it's worth your time to read this book. If for no other reason, it will make you think and that's not such a bad thing, particularly before a Presidential election."

Holy crap. Read it.
I can't stand to read this related book, but if you can, the word on the street is DO IT!
The prosecution of George W. Bush for murder By Bugliosi, Vincent Published: 2008
Can it be done? Should it be done? Is this taking things too far? Not far enough? Interestingly, few mainstream reviews were done of the book. Too far out? Too dangerous?

Especially strange in light of the author's long list of insightful writings, true crime, and legal background. Helter Skelter, O.J.? The guy has to have some insight.

I'm creeping out. No wonder my spidey sense has been a-tingle. Or it could be the headache from an unfortunate crown-loss on my back rear molar and the agony of getting a temporary crown shoved in there. OUCH!

What I'm Hearing
An unexpected song by Johansen, Iris
Humph. Sounded more like a romantic suspense from the description. Mostly sex. And I wonder if the hero isn't really a bit abusive in his seduction. And the heroine a bit too stupid. Meh.

What I'm watching
It's summer! REality heaven! So you think you can dance! Big brother! You know where I am! Thank goodness for the DVR

Chanticleer's gospel and folk interpretations are a perfect counterpoint to a tingling spidey-sense. Very soothing

Wednesday, July 16, 2008

The Un-Snark

There are good things that happen to. I think I'll take a leaf from my own book and lighten up!

Women's Prison Takes On Mozart
via NPR Topics: Arts & Culture on 7/14/08
Brava! Brava!
There really is such a thing as rehabilitation and someone is really trying it. Imagine the new worlds opened to some of the prisoners. Sometimes people do illegal things because they have never experienced another way of looking at things. Music is a universal language. Not to mention that playing music is a good way to develop logic and mathematic skills. I'm solidly in favor of this plan

‘I Am a Big Believer in Not Just Words, But Deeds and Works’
via PewForum.org All News Feeds on 7/13/08
Well said, Sen. Obama! It's ok to talk the talk, but without walking the walk the words are meaningless. Listen up, neocons! Sen. Obama is a thinking man. And that's what we need for a change.

Thursday, July 10, 2008

The Big Snarkoff!

Well dear reader, yesterday's brouhaha was a classic. A group of kids beat-up a homeless dude in the park and it was rather serious. In a rather unimaginative move, the perpetrator(s) ran into the library, presumably to hide amongst the book stacks? Alas, one of the soon-to-be- rocket-scientist/perpetrators was found and briskly frisked in front of the periodicals desk, cuffed, and led away.

As our good buddy Tom said: That's what he gets for not putting the periodicals back in alphabetical order!

On to the Snark!

Fail-Blog has become one of my new favorites. A posting of late gives me more evidence that the "English Only" movement should not be a speaking English movement but, rather, a spelling and grammar movement.

Spelling Fail
from FAIL Blog - Fail Pictures at Failblog.ORG by pizzaburger

As always, Smart Bitches, Trashy Books never fails to satisfy.

Big Spankable Winning
from Smart Bitches, Trashy Books
Displays this snappy and now award-winning cover art

And who but the Smart Bitches would ever discover this jewel?
The History of Vibrators
from Smart Bitches, Trashy Books

What Not To Crochet found something hideous that I might actually make - as a joke
Not what you want to see in the bathroom, early in the morning..
from What Not to Crochet by SB&C

The Lipstick Librarian is classic and I'm happy to see this proud tradition continuing from the early days of the internet:
Addicted to Puppets
from The Days & Nights of the Lipstick Librarian! by absherl
Yeah, what is it with librarians and puppets? I'm not even fond of puppets and two live at my desk. WTFBBQ!

The Librarian's Guide to Etiquette so frequently hits the nail on the head that I never tire of these her above-average snarks. Do it again! Do it again!
Cheezburger, U cannot haz
from A Librarian's Guide to Etiquette by J
You are a librarian. An information professional. You are too old to be into lolcats. Seriously. Stop it.

Ink pen diva, Being an
from A Librarian's Guide to Etiquette by J

Animal cruelty, Reporting incidents of
from A Librarian's Guide to Etiquette by J
It is not necessary to contact PETA (People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals) when your library administrators are beating a dead horse. On the other hand, a librarian should contact the authorities immediately if you catch someone spanking the monkey or choking a chicken in the library.

Cart me off to library jail!

Here's a case of sanity winning out over evil:
South Carolina to Offer Cross on Car Plates
from PewForum.org All News Feeds
South Carolina drivers will be the first in the nation to be offered license plates that carry the phrase “I Believe” and a Christian cross over a stained-glass window under a law that took effect on Thursday.


Wednesday, July 09, 2008

Things you hate to see

5 squad cars, 1 police van, and a police helicopter at your building's front entrance when you come back from lunch. It isn't the danger so much as the suspense. Who was it? One of our regulars? What did the person do? How do we rate?

I love this place

Friday, July 04, 2008

What I'm Reading/Viewing/Hearing


Currently, I'm swapping between two books:

Charlatan : America's most dangerous huckster, the man who pursued him, and the age of flimflam by Pope Brock

The Novice's tale by Margaret Frazer

Charlatan was mentioned previously on this blog. Yes, the goat testicle book. I couldn't help it. I love disaster books and this one delivers. This astounding chronicle of the life and high times of "Dr. John R. Brinkley," sometimes nicknamed the Mitford Messiah. A miracle worker of Mitford, KS who championed the transplantation of goat testicles as a method of restoring youth and (mostly male) vigor.

Apparently this mad scientist has had a lasting impression on American life in the form of things he did later. His advertising changed the way political campaigns advertise and, by using a high powered radio station, introduced country, blues, Wolfman Jack and, hence, rock and roll, to the country.

A truly frightening, train-wreck prone psychopathic genius. It'll be interesting to see how this one turns out!

In a break from my usual feast of contemporary romantic suspense, I've also been reading Margaret Frazer's Novice Tale is a delicious dip into mysterious doings at an abbey in 15th century England. I haven't got far yet. Frazer is well-known for her great historical mysteries so this will be a great diversion.

Indulging my love of contemporary romantic suspense, I'm listening to Carly Phillip's Sealed with a kiss. This has a nice little mystery as to who actually killed the heroine's newly-found father's business partner as well as well as a nice and sexy love story. Not the fastest reading book, but not particularly leisurely, either. The characters in love are explored well. Mostly it's the fun of figuring out whodoneit. As with other contemporary romantic suspense novels, the whoedoneit is secondary to the romance, but this one is nicely done as I haven't completely figured it out and I'm 2/3 through the listen.


Still in a somewhat formal mode, I'm uploading nice choral works to my mp3, including Chanticleer's How Sweet the Sound, Sweet Honey In the Rock's In This Land, and, a nice little jewel, the Kansas City Chorale's Alleluia


Joyfully watching So You Think You Can Dance! My Junior Hi and HS buddy Edward Simon choreographed two numbers this last week. Ed and I have been pretty much out of touch for the past few years. I've always remembered him fondly for his kindness to me and irrepressible spirit when we were growing up. Mom and I like to think his performance career started in our basement when he and I were working on a paper mache project for school. What a nut!

I'm tickled to my toesies to see him doing well. Wheeee! And that he could pull a beautifully executed lift from his dancers was simply amazing! Turnout, extension, oh my! Rock on, Comfort!