Wednesday, July 16, 2008

The Un-Snark

There are good things that happen to. I think I'll take a leaf from my own book and lighten up!

Women's Prison Takes On Mozart
via NPR Topics: Arts & Culture on 7/14/08
Brava! Brava!
There really is such a thing as rehabilitation and someone is really trying it. Imagine the new worlds opened to some of the prisoners. Sometimes people do illegal things because they have never experienced another way of looking at things. Music is a universal language. Not to mention that playing music is a good way to develop logic and mathematic skills. I'm solidly in favor of this plan

‘I Am a Big Believer in Not Just Words, But Deeds and Works’
via All News Feeds on 7/13/08
Well said, Sen. Obama! It's ok to talk the talk, but without walking the walk the words are meaningless. Listen up, neocons! Sen. Obama is a thinking man. And that's what we need for a change.

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zirelda said...

I liked when Obama said, "The buck stops with me."

And have you seen the videos with the prisoners dancing to Michael Jackson? Wild.