Saturday, July 19, 2008


The Shell game By Alten, Steve
This one is, indeed chilling. Because I suspect too much of it can be true. Honestly. I swear. I can not say it any better than this Amazon reviewer:

"I don't normally read fiction. However, "The Shell Game" was recommended to me by a friend. The book is very fast-paced, plausible and unfortunately, disturbing. I say disturbing because the author wraps the story around little known facts surrounding 9/11, Iraq and our current Oil Crisis. It's clear that Steve Alten chose "fiction" as a genre to convey that the United States, if not the rest of the world, is smack in the middle of a geopolitical and environment crisis. If we don't wake up from our deep sleep, the crisis will only get larger and we will all suffer as a result.Regardless, it's worth your time to read this book. If for no other reason, it will make you think and that's not such a bad thing, particularly before a Presidential election."

Holy crap. Read it.
I can't stand to read this related book, but if you can, the word on the street is DO IT!
The prosecution of George W. Bush for murder By Bugliosi, Vincent Published: 2008
Can it be done? Should it be done? Is this taking things too far? Not far enough? Interestingly, few mainstream reviews were done of the book. Too far out? Too dangerous?

Especially strange in light of the author's long list of insightful writings, true crime, and legal background. Helter Skelter, O.J.? The guy has to have some insight.

I'm creeping out. No wonder my spidey sense has been a-tingle. Or it could be the headache from an unfortunate crown-loss on my back rear molar and the agony of getting a temporary crown shoved in there. OUCH!

What I'm Hearing
An unexpected song by Johansen, Iris
Humph. Sounded more like a romantic suspense from the description. Mostly sex. And I wonder if the hero isn't really a bit abusive in his seduction. And the heroine a bit too stupid. Meh.

What I'm watching
It's summer! REality heaven! So you think you can dance! Big brother! You know where I am! Thank goodness for the DVR

Chanticleer's gospel and folk interpretations are a perfect counterpoint to a tingling spidey-sense. Very soothing

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mmm, I just ordered Wrack and Ruin because it sounded fun.

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