Friday, July 04, 2008

What I'm Reading/Viewing/Hearing


Currently, I'm swapping between two books:

Charlatan : America's most dangerous huckster, the man who pursued him, and the age of flimflam by Pope Brock

The Novice's tale by Margaret Frazer

Charlatan was mentioned previously on this blog. Yes, the goat testicle book. I couldn't help it. I love disaster books and this one delivers. This astounding chronicle of the life and high times of "Dr. John R. Brinkley," sometimes nicknamed the Mitford Messiah. A miracle worker of Mitford, KS who championed the transplantation of goat testicles as a method of restoring youth and (mostly male) vigor.

Apparently this mad scientist has had a lasting impression on American life in the form of things he did later. His advertising changed the way political campaigns advertise and, by using a high powered radio station, introduced country, blues, Wolfman Jack and, hence, rock and roll, to the country.

A truly frightening, train-wreck prone psychopathic genius. It'll be interesting to see how this one turns out!

In a break from my usual feast of contemporary romantic suspense, I've also been reading Margaret Frazer's Novice Tale is a delicious dip into mysterious doings at an abbey in 15th century England. I haven't got far yet. Frazer is well-known for her great historical mysteries so this will be a great diversion.

Indulging my love of contemporary romantic suspense, I'm listening to Carly Phillip's Sealed with a kiss. This has a nice little mystery as to who actually killed the heroine's newly-found father's business partner as well as well as a nice and sexy love story. Not the fastest reading book, but not particularly leisurely, either. The characters in love are explored well. Mostly it's the fun of figuring out whodoneit. As with other contemporary romantic suspense novels, the whoedoneit is secondary to the romance, but this one is nicely done as I haven't completely figured it out and I'm 2/3 through the listen.


Still in a somewhat formal mode, I'm uploading nice choral works to my mp3, including Chanticleer's How Sweet the Sound, Sweet Honey In the Rock's In This Land, and, a nice little jewel, the Kansas City Chorale's Alleluia


Joyfully watching So You Think You Can Dance! My Junior Hi and HS buddy Edward Simon choreographed two numbers this last week. Ed and I have been pretty much out of touch for the past few years. I've always remembered him fondly for his kindness to me and irrepressible spirit when we were growing up. Mom and I like to think his performance career started in our basement when he and I were working on a paper mache project for school. What a nut!

I'm tickled to my toesies to see him doing well. Wheeee! And that he could pull a beautifully executed lift from his dancers was simply amazing! Turnout, extension, oh my! Rock on, Comfort!


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