Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Popular Booktending Topics!

Now the truth can be told. My reader is most interested in me creating the Iowa Caucus Drinking game due to being Snarky and Prednisone-sick while Reading. And watching American Idol!

I'm on to you!

Monday, August 25, 2008

I am officially a political history dweeb

I'm old enough. I've lived a good chunk of it. US political history has shaped part of me and, by my small actions, I have shaped parts of it. I am now declaring myself an official US political history dweeb.

Expert? Heavens no. Do not ask me to cite statistics and party platforms. In the name of all that is good, don't trust me to give you exact names and dates. I am a dweeb, not a wonk, not an expert. A dweeb.

My dweeb-i-ness is based purely on emotion an experience: Congo and Bay of Pigs. Dallas. I Have a Dream. Civil Rights. Days of Rage. Memphis. Vietnam. California. Kent State. Watergate. I can't keep dates and policies straight. I can keep my feelings about each straight. These were my formative national experiences. They are my country, good and bad. They are a part of me. Good and Bad

Tonight is important. One of the big things I remember from my childhood is how we were told a black person could become president. Could. It could happen in the future. Tonight, we go from could to can. From a fuzzy future to a very real and very present possibility.

We need to pause and celebrate the change. Those of us who remember the time when having a woman or a non-white male as a presidential candidate was just a theory need to tell the kids and grandkids, neighbors, and friends of the wonder.

We must tell it. Tell it everywhere. Let everyone know. My country has changed and made an unbelievable leap forward.


Wednesday, August 13, 2008

The Big Snark-Off!

That time again! And what snarks we have!


Oh for ceiling-cat's sakes. Surely McCain can be more creative in his nasty attack ads. Sign of intelligence? Hello?

Waitaminit...I'm starting to suspect China has oil...

Yeah. Like that's gonna happen

"Investiagtion" Fishy. I'm just sayin'

Grassley investiages "religious groups" using funds for prohibited political work. Yeah. Right. That's why he isn't a delegate.


You're tellin' me. Just try to get a date with an unmarried man under 65. I dare ya.

Romance (novels)

Wereducks return!

Cover snark! Hooray! I tremble in SBTB's snarkiness once again


Wednesday, August 06, 2008

Jesus Hits Like An Atom Bomb

This is my current favorite gospel tune. By coincidence, I was listening to it yesterday and now it's stuck in my head. Over and over and over. And today is the most appropriate day to hear it I guess. Heaven forgive us all.

Lyrics courtesy of Atomic Platters

Everybody's worried 'bout the atomic bomb
But nobody's worried 'bout the day my Lord will come
When he'll hit, great God a-mighty, like an atom bomb
When he comes, when he comes

In nineteen-hundred and forty-five the atom bomb became alive
In nineteen-hundred and forty-nine the USA got very wise
It found a country had crossed the line, had an atom bomb of the very same kind
The people got worried all over the land, just like folks got in Japan

So, I say everybody's worried (yeah) 'bout the atomic bomb
But nobody's worried (no) 'bout the day my Lord will come
When he'll hit, great God a-mighty, like an atom bomb
When he comes, good Lord, when he comes

Well now, God told Elijah, he would send down fire, send down fire from on high
He told the brother Noah by the rainbow sign, there'll be no water, but fire in the sky
Now don't get worried, just bear in mind, seek King Jesus and you shall find
Peace, happiness, and joy divine, with my Jesus in your mind

So, I say everybody's worried (yeah) 'bout the atomic bomb
But nobody's worried (no) 'bout the day my Lord will come
When he'll hit, great God a-mighty, like an atom bomb
When he comes, great God, when he comes

Friday, August 01, 2008


No, no, dear reader, not for your solitary Booktender. I'm talkin' real romance here! Contemporary Romantic Suspense (CRS) to be exact. As the summer burns its way to a close, your friendly local booktender has gotten her hands on two of the Must Reads of the CRS world:

Tribute By Roberts, Nora
Into the fire : a novel By Brockmann, Suzanne

Kudos to my local library for having sufficient copies so I only had to wait 2 weeks on hold to nab these gems. Now my only problem is which to read first. I still have a few pages left of The angel By Neggers, Carla so I'll have to polish that thing off before I go to sleep tonight. Or sooner.

What to do...what to do...

Since it's going to be a gazillion degrees outside all weekend I think I'll spend the weekend inside in the cool air conditioning lulled by kitty-purrs and my precioussssss trove of booksssss.

I think Suzanne Brockmann may win out as the next read. Especially after I came across If You Like Suzanne Brockmann . . . Hosted by Dr. Sarah Frantz. Reader, you know I am one of the original left-wing pinko commie liberal peaceniks. So why do I like Suzanne Brockmann's Troubleshooter's series? Read the column. You'll figure it out!