Monday, August 25, 2008

I am officially a political history dweeb

I'm old enough. I've lived a good chunk of it. US political history has shaped part of me and, by my small actions, I have shaped parts of it. I am now declaring myself an official US political history dweeb.

Expert? Heavens no. Do not ask me to cite statistics and party platforms. In the name of all that is good, don't trust me to give you exact names and dates. I am a dweeb, not a wonk, not an expert. A dweeb.

My dweeb-i-ness is based purely on emotion an experience: Congo and Bay of Pigs. Dallas. I Have a Dream. Civil Rights. Days of Rage. Memphis. Vietnam. California. Kent State. Watergate. I can't keep dates and policies straight. I can keep my feelings about each straight. These were my formative national experiences. They are my country, good and bad. They are a part of me. Good and Bad

Tonight is important. One of the big things I remember from my childhood is how we were told a black person could become president. Could. It could happen in the future. Tonight, we go from could to can. From a fuzzy future to a very real and very present possibility.

We need to pause and celebrate the change. Those of us who remember the time when having a woman or a non-white male as a presidential candidate was just a theory need to tell the kids and grandkids, neighbors, and friends of the wonder.

We must tell it. Tell it everywhere. Let everyone know. My country has changed and made an unbelievable leap forward.


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zirelda said...

It's a beautiful thing is it not?