Saturday, September 20, 2008

The Big Snark-Off - Smart Comments Edition

Because smart comments really are what snarking is all about.

GOP group compares Obama to Buchanan
from All News Feeds
Yeah. OK. And I'm gonna compare McCain to a random moose.

Analysis: Is Palin new face of Religious Right, or old?
from All News Feeds
I dunno, you can put lipstick on a theocratic ideal and it's still a theocratic ideal

Woodward Charges Bush With 'Odd Detachment'
from NPR Topics: Authors
What a nice way of putting it. I'd charge him with idiocy and self-interest myself. And economic destruction of a number of countries.

McCain ahead in national polls; Obama up in electoral votes
from All News Feeds
What is it with these polls? In the end, it's the electoral votes, stupid!

McCain must embrace Palin's beliefs, evangelical leader says
from All News Feeds
Let's hope that's all of her he embraces.

Palin's Church Promotes Conversion Of Gays
from All News Feeds
Such a lovely and well-educated group. Dorks.


The Gossiping Librarian said...

Oooh converting gays that's a new one I've yet to hear!

Anonymous said...

"McCain" and "Moose" should not appear in the same sentence! That's an oxymooson.