Tuesday, September 16, 2008


The Contemporary Romantic Suspense bacchanalia has been a great success and continues!

Crazy wild By Janzen, Tara
The Steele Street series continues. This is an unbelievably macho world of fast cars, healthy and deadly men, fantasy urban lofts, determined heroines, and good sex scenes. The series features a ripping fun fast pace and intriguing if sterotypical heroes and heroines.

The demons of these heroes and heroines are unique, especially the heroines. They are headstrong in their determination to ignore the hero's protection and proceed headlong into danger to achieve their goals. The heroine's predicament and methods of getting herself into trouble are unique.

The best romantic suspense has to offer? no. Great escapism? Absolutely! That's why Crazy kisses, the next intallment of the series has been checked out from the library and awaits my reading pleasure.

Bonus points for library related action

Never look back By Miller, Linda Lael
Didn't do it for me. Maybe I'm sick of Phoenix's gritty streets, maybe it was the previous history between the principals. Maybe the hero and the heroine are just dorks. I read the required by Nancy Pearl 50 pages, thanked it for its time, and sent it back to the library for the good use of others.

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