Tuesday, September 16, 2008


Into the fire : a novel By Brockmann, Suzanne
13th in the Troubleshooters series, this is yet another winner by Brockmann. The series is getting long enough now that I would recommend starting at or near the beginning (The unsung hero ) and working your way through.

For our team of heroes things got very sad and rough a few books ago and now it's time to pull the team together for a review/exploration of the nightmare. Yes, the team leader pulls in a counselor. We take a trip into the psyche of many of the long-time characters. Those who have had their happy ending, and those who have not yet.

With its usual fast-passed thriller-ride, the sensitive and serious nature of the heroes and heroines continues to develop. Throughout the book, layers are peeled back, heroes are healed, love is found and love is lost. And some a-double-nasty white supremacists are punished. Thoroughly. Utterly. BWAHAHAHAHA!

Be warned: Brockmann always promises us a happy ending. She doesn't promise it will stay that way.

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