Tuesday, September 16, 2008


Black ice By Stuart, Anne

Kind of a return to old-school suspense romance. The heroine is a bit helpless and fashion plays a bit part. It's set in a romantic locale. An isolated house plays a big role. Kind of reminiscent of the old Mary Stewart/Victoria Holt bit. Except for the sex and violence - which is more 80s bodice-ripper.

And yet Anne Stuart's Ice series has been given the AAR Reader's award for best romantic suspense. This title in 2005 and the sequel in 2006.

The action moves quickly. But the slow reveal of the hero's character's feelings, his lack of feeling at all in spots drag it a bit. The heroine's incredible innocence is a bit cloying.
And what's with the knocking out of the heroine "for her own safety?" And the gratuitous sex? And the sheer depravity of the villains? And good lord, torturing the heroine violently?
Oh dear, not my thing.

I will read the sequel, just to see if I like subsequent books better. If I don't, Anne Stuart, like so many people in this book, gets dumped.

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