Monday, October 27, 2008

The Big Snark-Off: Numb-Brain Monday Edition

Elections. Economy. Eeeek. It's enough to turn your brains numb. Which is exactly what has happened to your faithful Booktender. Nothing more is coming in.
Not One Thing More

So I give you the photograph of this week's snark-off winner: Loincloth? (Warning: not quite Child Friendly) from What Not to Crochet by SB&C

And, in a seasonal, zombie-like way, she appears to have a numb brain, too. Or pleading for some. Or high on something because, face it, that's the only way anyone would wear that hideous thing.

Smart Bitches, Trashy Books has been in rare form lately with Vintage Category Art, and Politics and Photoshop. If you think the pictures are a riot, read the comments!

C'mon Ohio Evangelical, if that is your real name, get original. People have been calling the UCC Non-Biblical for decades. Is it too hard to read about what the UCC is all about? Do you get how this belief system stems from the Bible? Oh yeah, you don't read, do you?
Sorry Honey, the election is in the voter's hands. God is way to busy for mere election manipulation. God leaves that to satan.
A Sunni-Shiite battle of the website hackers. I think we have found the solution to loss of life in war. Sure, a few pixels might be damaged. I still think it's better.

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finnime said...

If the model is high, she's doing something wrong. High is supposed to be a good thing, no?

Pixel-religio war does offer promise as an alternative to IRL death.