Tuesday, October 14, 2008

The Big Snark-Off!

Yes, it's that time again. Judgement Day...no...Snark-Off! I thought it was the day after Judgement Day there for a minute. There was a guy outside the library door yesterday holding a piece of notebook paper filled with writing. At random intervals he would cheerfuly shout "Judgement Day!"

So you can so how that could be confusing.

On to the Snarks!

There's a lot of funny stuff out there on teh interwebs. One of my favorites is Failblog. Definitely worth subscribing to in your reader. And don't forget yer Cheezburgers!

This is a handy warning to librarians everywhere, and you know who you are: Meetings, Filibustering in
from A Librarian's Guide to Etiquette by J
"By learning Robert's Rules of Order and enforcing them in library-related meetings, a good librarian can act as parliamentarian and either a) learn to filibuster bad ideas and delay implementation with procedural motions, second readings, and votes or b) be totally obnoxious and get un-invited from future meetings."


New Bible has a 'green' theme
from USATODAY.com Books - Top Stories

Green Wiki
from LibrarianInBlack by Sarah Houghton-Jan

What part of I'm Sick Of Green did you people not get?


The camp that 'cures' homosexuality
from PewForum.org All News Feeds Good luck with that, ya morons!

Yoga at NY high school causes stress among critics
from PewForum.org All News Feeds And here I thought yoga was supposed to release stress. I suppose using magick will be stressful next.

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zirelda said...

I love failblog. I found it last week. :)

Happy Sunday Bookie.