Sunday, October 19, 2008

Confusing and Ponderable

Random thoughts
confusion distraction interaction
A dot a dash a grain of rice
makes order
dizzy to the end

If viewers like to see celebrities play poker do they also want to see celebrities play Yahtzee?
Was Gustav Mahler a bridge between 19th and 20th century in music or merely a continuation of the 19th century?
Does my cat really see something over there or is he just messing with me?
Was Singing in the Rain really one of the best movie musicals of all time or just an affable piece of schmaltz?
Is my monitor dying?
Am I manic or simply focused?
Does HGTV give viewers unreal expectations about what their homes should look like, what their lives should be?
Do I know what heather must look like and what a moor must be?

1 comment:

Kathleen said...

Singing in the Rain - best shmaltzy musical of all time?

Good mornin'
Good Mornin'
We've talked the whole night through,
good mornin'
good mornin' to you (and you and you and you)