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Anacondas - Now Chlorinated For Your Protection!

Hide and Seek (T-FLAC Series, Book #3) Hide and Seek by Cherry Adair

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rating: 2 of 5 stars
This one had some major problems for me. Things that I would hope an editor would have caught. Let's kick it off with the heroine's name, shall we? Delanie. Does that rhyme with Melanie or is it pronounced Delaney? My brain ticked back and forth on that one like a metronome on speed. Each time I read it my brain wiring had to stop, start, and then restart again.

Then let's talk undergarments, shall we? At various times throughout the book we are told that at the main characters first meeting Delanie was wearing red and black underwear and a filmy yellow halter dress. Filmy yellow. Red and black. Unless you're parading it down your local hooker-alley, no woman wears that combination. That red and black will be accentuated by the filmy yellow, not hide it.

The coup de gras was the anaconda in the swimming pool. To the best of my knowledge, anacondas and chlorine don't mix. Ever. And we know the pool was chlorinated because the hero smells it in her lovely hair shortly afterward.

And what's up with the drugging and the sadism? Puhleeze. Lets leave that kind of fantasy to the 80s bodice-ripper, k?

Fortunately, I have read the next book in the series and found it a little delight. The next book, not this book, saved this from a lowly one-star read. Knowing the next book is better has encouraged me to read a few of the following books. Cherry Adair is not out of the running with me - yet.

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