Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Crazy Sweet

Crazy Sweet (Steele Street #6) Crazy Sweet by Tara Janzen

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rating: 4 of 5 stars
Still love that rough and tough Steele Street team. Nothing will stop me from enjoying this gloriously unrealistic series.

This book was a little less fun than the previous in the series for a number of reasons. First, the sex scene between two characters was kinky to the point of gratuitousness. This is because of the lack of emotional availability of one of the participants. The participant is willing but emotionally...nothing. Sensation only. When a character has that flaw an emotionally satisfying relationship is impossible.

Second, this is most likely a transitional book as Janzen moves from Steele Street to the Loose series. Transitional books can be difficult.

Third, unlike previous books in the series, this book goes back and forth between two romances. Red Dog and Travis began their romance in a previous book and it remains both strong and oddly ambiguous. Honey and Smith's romance looks to be only beginning. I'll be interested in seeing if it is explored in later books.

Finally, it is sadly time to say goodbye to 738 Steele Street. While I have enjoyed seeing how many lofts and cars and tech and arms can be located here, this location has, sadly reached the point of no return with probability. Further, the detailed descriptions of the cars and fantasy lofts was lacking in this book, causing a real hole in the series.

Do I still adore the series? Absolutely! This book was just a little weak.

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