Wednesday, January 21, 2009

The Big Snark-Off: Post Inaugural Edition

Anybody notice that the snarks are getting fewer now that we have (or had the expectation of) a new administration. Such a shame!

Fear not. Your loyal Booktender will scour the feeds to satisfy your craving for snarks.

Anti-abortion forces target Planned Parenthood via All News Feeds on 1/12/09
WHAT? When did this happen?

Italy rabbis: pope canceling progress via All News Feeds on 1/12/09
Wow! So listen up: No new editions of Windows. The Obama administration is for naught. That therapy you're in? Useless. Man, this man has power!

You just keep hoping things get better. via What Not to Crochet by SB&C on 1/13/09. See picture above. Why oh ceiling-cat? Why?

Predictions For 2009 From 'The Onion'
via NPR Topics: Arts & Entertainment on 1/3/09

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